I was doing laundry and noticing that I have an array of sizes in my drawers. No lie – I have a SMALL, MEDIUM, and a LARGE in my workout pants and shirts! How can one body, the same body, fit into all three sizes? I wonder that often myself! That’s why it’s impossible for someone else to buy me clothes! Let me tell you a story about the first Christmas Michael and I spent together.

He went shopping and bought me a pair of jeans. MISSES jeans! Size 5 Aeropostale! No stretch. When I opened my gift I didn’t know what to say out loud because under my breath I was thinking “you stupid idiot – you seriously thought I could fit into a size 5!” (that was the nice version). He didn’t know any better at the time. He thought he did great! Insisting that I try them on (GRR!), they came to my calves! Michael innocently told me to pull them up and I let him know (nicely) that they DON’T go up any further. In disbelief he tried himself! “Yah, I’ve been buying myself jeans for years and I’ve not fit into a size 5 since I was 12 years old! And girls with thighs like mine don’t wear non-stretch jeans!” As if that was not enough to convince him, we spent 90 minutes in Lucky Jeans because they claimed to be able to fit anybody! EXCEPT ME! FINALLY, the light went on and Michael realized that I can NOT wear jeans without stretch and that he’d be safer if he didn’t buy me clothes – ever!
The blame wasn’t on him because sizes are totally erroneous and misleading! In my closet right now I have jeans that are a 6, 8, and 11! Seriously, how could anyone get the sizing right! And my shirts range from Small to Large. The ONLY things that are consistently sized in my wardrobe are my socks, underwear, and sports bras! That’s it! That being said, WHY do we get so hung up on a size? The number doesn’t matter – your health does. Stand naked in front of the mirror – accept your body – love your body – and realize that your healthy body IS beautiful and can’t be narrowed down to a number! xo
P.S. Michael now gets Athleta gift cards for me!

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