Super Wedgie & Twisted Bikini Tops

This weekend I was with family celebrating my three nieces’ birthdays.  They are 8, 8, and 5! They ran around all day and totally tired me out!! As I was watching them I was noticing that my 8-year old’s bikini top was all twisted and not laying right and my 5-year old niece’s butt was 1/2 hanging out of her bathing suit! Here I was looking to make sure they were all covered up and no beauty is quote“parts” were sticking out and they could care less!  The super wedgie didn’t bother the 5-year old and the 8-year old was too busy squirting everyone with her water shooter! What was wrong with me? Why was I checking them out? Then I noticed that no one else was as “free” in their bathing suits except the grandmas! They were frolicking around like they were kids, not caring if 1/2 their cheeks were sticking out either! So what is the matter with us who are in between child age and grandma age that we’re so self conscious? Why do we care so much? I don’t have an answer, but thought that because it was summer it’d be something to think about. Possibly next time you get into your bathing suit, you can give yourself a little wedgie and splash around and have fun! Because really . . . who cares?

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