You wouldn’t believe how many people ask me if you can get a good workout in just a 1/2 hour! They say “can you REALLY do anything in just 30-minutes”? What do you think? OF COURSE you can! I usually challenge them to a class and say “Try a class. If you don’t think you got a good workout, you let me know!”  NO ONE who has accepted the challenge to try a weeny 30-minute exercise class has thought that it was so weeny AFTER the class.  So, tell all those non-believers, “show up Saturday and try a drop-in class! If you last throughout the entire class and don’t take one break – Tanya will give you back your $8!”.  Let’s see how many people will accept the challenge!  circuit training flow chart

You know and I know that you CAN get a challenging workout in just 30-minutes! Fitness magazines and television shows are now raving about the benefits of a shorter, more intense workout. Lucky for you, we’re ahead of the curve! 30-minute workouts are THE most effective workout! So what exactly does this workout look like? 30 Minutes of Everything®! Basically, you pick 5-10exercises to perform, some variety of upper body, lower body, and core. Then you perform the exercises one after the other – creating a circuit. This circuit is then done multiple times, as you are already aware.  You can change the intensity, and ultimately the outcome, of the program by manipulating several variables. For example: you can change the number of exercises in each circuit, you can change the speed at which you perform the exercises for more power, you can change the resistance used for more strength emphasis, or you can reduce the work to rest interval to gain more cardiovascular adaptations. Whatever YOUR goal is, you can manipulate the circuit training program to accomplish it!

Significant changes in your health result from this short duration, high intensity circuit training. The body is better able to reduce blood glucose levels such that it can help control Type II diabetes. Improvements in muscle strength and balance are evident, as well as an increase in cardiovascular capacity and reduction in body fat. Circuit training can also increase your good cholesterol (HDL) and reduce your bad cholesterol (LDL) and total cholesterol. You get all this from an intense whole-body circuit training program! Because it is a whole body exercise program, the whole body makes changes! And because you are using the whole body, you need less time to exercise! This is why we do what we do. And of course because you burn serious calories in a short amount of time and keep burning them for hours afterwards!

I’m quite certain you’d agree that you DO get a challenging workout in just a mere 30-minutes!

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