Sometimes life gets totally crazy and our schedules get changed! Unfortunately, your exercise routine is the thing that goes when your schedule changes. Here are some tips to keep you motivated to eat clean and train hard.

If you feel like skipping your exercise class or grabbing those extra cookies (or ice cream or glass of wine), think again! Think about these tips to keep you honest.  🙂

  • Grab those “tester” pants (the ones in your closet that you haven’t fit into since high school, but aren’t ready to part with yet) and try them on. Still don’t fit? Go exercise!IMG_1194
  • Remind yourself about how great you feel after a workout and because you do workout!
  • Remind yourself of all the changes you have made already! Don’t think of how far you have to go – you’re not where you used to be and that counts!
  • Think about the energy you have now. Stop exercising and eating healthy – that energy goes away and you feel slow, moody, and sluggish. Who wants that?
  • Run around with young kids and enjoy not being out of breath and keeping up with them.

It’s simple. You want results? You must eat clean and train hard. It’s not easy! But it is simple. 

  • Choose to be accountable to your goals and your health.
  • Choose to put yourself as a priority.
  • Choose health and feeling good.

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