“Tanya’s 30 Minutes of Everything workout 3 times per week built my awesome physical condition and keeps me fit.   Want proof? – At 52 I started a new activity, surfing. The Surf Camp IMG_8143intensive was 4 hours per day of paddling, board carrying, and riding the waves.    Every one of Tanya’s resistance band,  floor push up, squat thrust and cardio compound movements paid off.   At the end of the surf week the instructors admitted they were unsure at the outset if I could learn to surf because of my older age.  We were all impressed with my fitness.    I AM a surfer!”    (Beth) 


“A family that does Tanya’s 30 minute workout is a happy family.” (Schnider Family)


“Oh I am soooooo addicted already!!! I have to say that I have tried many different programs, gyms, personal trainers & I have never felt as good about my decision than I have about 30MoE. I find the instructions very clear & I appreciate your input whenever you feel I am doing a move incorrectly or can get more from a particular movement by making minor adjustments. Lookin’ forward to signing up for more 30MoE!” (Jeannett)


“Well, as I’ve said before, you have added greatly to the quality of life here-not just for me, but for all your clients.  Obviously, you filled a void, personally and exercise -wise.  Nobody does it like you!  We feel the love in your studio! I hope you feel the love from us, especially me!  (Patti)


“I just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing program! I went 3 times this week and I can’t believe how much stronger I feel than when I first started, I have done many different programs, gyms, etc but this is the first time I feel I am getting results that I want and not wasting any time, the exercises are exact and target the areas I want to change! When you gave us the routine this morning, I thought first how am I going to remember all that then can I really do it? Well I did them all!” (Carol)


“Love, love, love 30MoE! Can’t live without it. It’s my caffeine; it’s my drug. You explain everything perfectly and I appreciate you coming over and correcting me when I’m doing something wrong, even the slightest thing. You rock and are such a great role model to us. And did I mention you have so much style. Love your hair and all your outfits!!! Hugs and more hugs!!!” (Donna)


“Even it has been a year since I started 30MoE, I would like to let you know that your classes are terrific from every angle and all because (in my humble opinion, although I had had 3 personal trainers) you are terrific trainer, a coach, and your personal energy fills the room and lifts us up no matter what day or morning we had before the class. And amazingly, I don’t try or want to slack off even I, probably, could go at my “own lazy” pace.” (Alla)


“I just love 30 Minutes of Everything! I’m so happy that I tried it out about a year ago and really just fell in love with coming. My prior thought on exercising is that it is boring and repetitive! But it’s not at all in your class. I don’t even equate your class with exercising. It’s too much fun (well, most of the time)! I feel very comfortable with what we do in the beginner class and I love my “classmates”. We have a great time laughing with one another! Over the course of the year, you have challenged us more by changing the type of exercises we do so that it provides a “growing” experience for us all. Training with you has definitely made me stronger which allows me to be able to do more of what I love… hiking, biking, kayaking, gardening etc. In reality, what really makes this program work is YOU! Your smile, that twinkle in your eye, and your care and concern is why is it so successful. God truly has gifted you to serve Him in this way and I’m am blessed by being there.” (Marianne)


“I’m really enjoying the classes.  I set out this year to get back in shape and figured I would try something new.  After having two kids and working full time, I find myself with very little “me” time. So this class fits in well with my schedule.  You are literally five minutes down the road from me, so I don’t have to trek a half hour to a gym…  The 30 minutes flies by, and I feel great afterwards, and a bit sore, but that feels good too since I know I’m working muscles that haven’t seen a workout in quite sometime! It’s not too hard to follow along, and I like that each day is a different routine.” (Mary)