SNOW day workout!

Up here in the Northeast, we have had SEVERAL snow days this winter. There is no disputing that Old Man Winter is HERE! Yesterday we had approximately 10″ of fresh, white, fluffy snow fall mixed in with some freezing rain. Shoveling was a necessity, but a nightmare! Instead of hibernating indoors on a snow day (which is sooo comfy!), take 30 minutes and go play outside! Try this quick, yet challenging snow day workout to be done outside!snow day workout
Outside in the cold and snow? Yes! Why am I adamant about doing this workout outside? Because of the cold, your body will work harder to heat it up so you’ll burn more calories by shivering. And, the drag of the snow provides extra resistance to your working muscles, thus burning more calories. I do recommend that you layer up and put on a pair of snow pants and of course the appropriate snow gear (hats, gloves, jacket, boots, etc.). If you’re a winter wimp like me, by all means – do it inside!  Repeat this circuit 3 times.
  • Snow angels – just like you did when you were a kid! 10x
  • Walking forward lunges – lifting your leg up high, 20x total
  • Mountain Climbers – oh yeah! 20x
  • High Knees – 40x total

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