Group Training

I know you’re going to love 30 Minutes of Everything® because it’s so much fun – of course! And, what could make it more fun than working out with other people having to do the same challenging workout that you’re going to do? Group training is the answer! All 30 Minutes of Everything® classes are limited to 20 people so everyone can have a great workout while working on form and technique. The smaller class size also allows us to get to know each other and build a supportive community. Often we do stations where the group moves from station to station and other times you workout in one spot for the 30-minutes. The workouts are NEVER the same. In 8-weeks, you will NOT do the same routine twice: You will see the same exercises, but we will never repeat a workout.

When you’re having a stinker of a day – the support of the group can “unstink” your day! Also, the energy of the group is greater than that of one person. Just by being in the group, you’re likely to push yourself a little harder, try new things, and smile while you’re doing it. Why not? Everyone else is!

Personal Training

Not into the group training? Thinking that you’d like more one-on-one individualized attention? Private training is just for you! We tailor an exercise routine to meet your personal goals. During the 30-minute training session, you will be instructed, motivated, and encouraged to push past your comfort zone to help you meet your goals. Whatever your goal is, your private sessions will be designed to meet the demands. Both Tanya Miszko Kefer and Guy Finkbeiner are available for personal training sessions.

Nutrition Counseling

Wondering what you should eat? There are a lot of foods to choose from and we’re here to help you make healthy choices. In our Nutritional Counseling sessions we review your current eating habits, discuss your nutritional goals, and then make recommendations that will help you make lifelong healthy food choices that are right for you. If you are interested in portion control, we are a huge fan of the easy to use 21 Day Fix program. You choose your foods, but learn about proper portions for each food group.