Each of us has strengths and weaknesses in our personality, and our bodies. Unfortunately, most the time it is our weaknesses that we talk about. Why? Why only talk about our weaknesses, the things we’re not so proud of or the things we want to improve? Not in a boastful or conceited way, our strengths are just as important! Our strengths are what give us that internal edge to push through another day, to help someone in need, to show love, or to simply get things done in our daily life. We are more than our weaknesses – we are strong! Below are some tips to help us play up our strengths while of course remaining humble.
  1. Risky Business: Commit to delegating some of your daily workload to someone else. Take a healthy risk on a person who has shown honesty, integrity and a strong work ethic.
  2. Hold Your Ground: This week, analyze your motives on small decisions. Keep the long-term health of your personal life/business in mind so you’ll be ready when big decisions need to be made.
  3. Build Bravery: Do one small thing every day that scares you. Courage is like a muscle. Build it with deliberate and repetitive action.
  4. Vitals Check: Write out the 10 most important things in your life. Place that list on your bathroom mirror as a reminder of the things that need to stay at the top of your priority list.
  5. Give Back: Sign up to volunteer for a program in your community this month.
  6. Tiny Tweaks: Instead of punishing yourself with an “eat this, not that” diet, compromise by downsizing portions of your favorite guilty pleasures.
  7. Watch and Learn: Do you feel stuck in your career? Find someone who is where you want to be. Meet with him or her to develop a plan that will take you where you should be.
  8. Perk Up: Commit to doing one thing that makes you happy for at least 20 minutes per day. Take note of your increased happiness.
  9. Assess Yourself: Do circumstances make you apprehensive about standing up for your values and beliefs? Identify the five triggers that hijack your moral courage. Focus on eliminating one per month.
  10. Dare to Be Different: Jot down the top three things that make you unique. See how you can implement them in your personal life/business.
These sound simple, and they are. They just have to be implemented. Most likely you will feel happier, more confident, less stressed, and full of more joy. Of course you will, you’re focusing on your strengths! Don’t ever let them be downplayed by your or anyone else. Michael makes fun of me, but I tell him that my rainbow will squash his black cloud any day of the week! It’s true – happiness and self love will win against negativity every time! So go out there and spew rainbows and sunshine and let your strengths shine!

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