Own your own HAPPINESS

I write a lot about fitness, nutrition, health, and acupuncture in these blogs and my newsletters, but sometimes I fall short of including your spirit/mind. Your spirit is so strong and powerful, it’s very important!

Psychologists support the strong link between your happiness and and feeling in control. Organizational expert Jill Pollack has created a weekly plan to own your own happiness.  Check it out!plan your own happiness

Take some time to review your schedule for the week and add any pertinent info. That way, you’re not scrambling to google the address of the restaurant where you’re having dinner 5 minutes before your reservation.While you watch TV, grab one of your regular bags and sort through used-up glosses, sweaty gym clothes, random ticket stubs and bills. You live out of your bag every day, and you’ll derive a sense of calm if it’s nice and neat.Dedicate a half hour to respond to all your personal emails today. If you don’t let messages from friends, your mother-in-law or old boss get lost in the shuffle, you won’t’ have to worry about planning a get-together at the last minute.Gear up for the upcoming weekend by pulling together an “essentials” kit. Pack your going-out clutch with anything you need for a night on the town. Then all you have to do is grab it and go on that fast Friday evening transition.Before you start your weekend, plan to tackle one small home project on Saturday or Sunday. Organize a messy drawer, track down boxes for your linen closet or clear out your ridge. If you plan ahead, you’re more likely to make it happen.Take 10 minutes and do a superficial sweep of your place – put away clothes and make the bed. No need to clean all day, but you’re in your home most of the weekend, so you want your space to feel tidy and serene.Hang one ready-to-wear date outfit and one “important businesswoman” outfit at the front of your closet. If they’re dry-cleaned and you know you look fierce in them, you avoid the last-minute “I have nothing to wear!” freak out!

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