HOW and WHY to change your exercise intensity!

Why & how do you change your intensity within a 30 Minutes of Everything class? Let’s tackle the WHY first. Crazy me would say “why not?!” The real reason is that you change your intensity in order to challenge yourself, physically and mentally. When you change your intensity your body has no other option but to respond. This means it’s being forced to make changes. This is why you are exercising – to see and feel changes.  Changing the intensity also prevents boredom. If you don’t get bored, you typically keep exercising and find it more enjoyable.  Changing the intensity makes your body AND your brain work harder.


So HOW do you change the intensity?  Aah, I love this one! There are several ways you can do it! Here are a few ideas:

  1. Change the order of the exercises. This way the body has no idea what to expect and it has to respond differently. Different means it’s working harder. It’s creating new muscle patterns.
  2. While keeping proper form, increase the number of reps you are doing in 30-seconds by increasing your speed. Your resistance will be less (band tension), but you will be generating more power.
  3. While keeping proper form, add a jump to the movement. For example, a squat can become a jump squat; reverse lunges can become split jump lunges; push ups can become power push ups; burpees with a step can become burpees with a jump, etc.
  4. Reduce your rest interval. This keeps your heart rate up longer. (I can do this whenever you’re ready, just let me know!)

Changing intensity, doesn’t always mean you have to go crazy! The intent is to keep your body guessing, not to continually beat it up – although, I do prefer to spit and grunt when I work out! (not really!!). Here’s how you can do it!

  1. Drop down one band resistance and increase your range of motion in the exercise. This allows you to stretch the muscles more, which requires a greater length of contraction, which will lead to muscle growth and strength.
  2. Try push-ups on your knees with a serious pelvic tilt so that your abs are contracted the whole time. This will not only work your upper body, but also your abs.
  3. Squat lower, sometimes below your knees. You can also change your foot position; straight forward, pointing outward, etc.
  4. Engage your abs on all exercises so your core gets stronger while you’re training your other muscles.

After reading through these recommendations, I guess I’m a hard core trainer! Although you can reduce the resistance, I’m still aiming for a burn! We want change!
intensity changers2

BOTTOM LINE: Mix it up! Change as much as you can, as often as you can, and keep enjoying it!


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