Holiday Survival Guide

holiday eating tips


Here are some guidelines to get you through the holidays unscathed by the endless array of treats:

  1. Bring healthy food to a holiday party. Regardless of what else is there, you know your food will be “safe”.
  2. When tempted by a lot of yummies, go to the FOOD table first and eat real food. This way you’ll fill up on nutritious food before you go for the desserts.
  3. Eat a normal schedule. Don’t overindulge just because it’s the holidays. Calories are still calories – even on holidays!
  4. Work out! Do something to burn more calories.
  5. If cookie baking is too tempting and your will power is tested beyond capacity, try making non-edible holiday items, i.e. crafts, wreaths, decorations, etc.
  6. Refrigerate gravy and skim the fat off the top.
  7. Cook/serve more vegetable options than heavy carbohydrate meals.
  8. Substitute egg whites for whole eggs and skim milk for cream.
  9. Trim the fat off the meat.
  10. Limit alcohol consumption. It lessens your inhibitions and you tend to overeat. Ugh!


My trick to not eating the whole batch of cookies or brownies in 2 days – put them in the freezer!!! It requires more work to get them out of the freezer and let them defrost than it does to open the Tupperware container as I walk past in the kitchen. It slows me down a bit! LOL! Find what works for you and enjoy your healthy holiday eating!!

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