High-Protein Quinoa Pancakes

high protein quinoa pancakes

I hope you’re hungry! This is my favorite breakfast meal. My best friend thinks it’s totally gross, but I think it tastes great! So, get ready for a super high protein pancake recipe. It’s super easy!


½ cup cooked quinoa

1 T organic whole wheat flour

¼ cup chia gel

½ serving protein powder (any kind)

2 egg whites

1 whole egg

1 T organic shredded coconut



Make the chia gel the night before – 2 T chia seeds whisked with 1 cup water or coconut/almond/rice milk. Let the gel mixture sit in your refrigerator overnight.

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl then spoon out onto a heated pan. This is a VERY soupy, thin mixture. It makes approximately 11 pancakes. Serve with a 1/8 cup local maple syrup and enjoy! I eat all of them!!

Nutritional Info: 453 Calories,  11.5g Fat (23%), 54.9g Carbs (48%), 33g Protein (29%)

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