Often times people focus on “getting through” a workout and “doing” the exercises. Your workout is more than a physical action. You actually have to think while you are moving. In my program, I ask you to multi-task, but this stimulates your brain while you are moving your body. This is a bonus to the physical benefits! Getting back to thinking . . .
Our program is based on layers of progression. This means, you have to properly perform one movement before you can progress to the next. It’s not about making someone do the “easy” option while others do the “hard” option. It’s about owning your own movements. Your body. Your movements. Your progression. In order to progress a movement, you have to be intentional about what you are doing. Let’s use the bird dog exercise as an example.
The bird dog movement is all about creating core and hip stability and control. When done properly, you should feel your core brace (tighten), your back lengthen, your glutes activate (extended leg), and your lats activate (stationary arm). The reason for the toes pushing into the ground (as seen in the picture) is to generate force from the ground up and to stabilize your hips. If the move is done too quickly, you feel nothing and gain nothing. The intention of this movement should be on stabilizing the entire body vs getting through it quickly and lifting your leg as high as possible. It seems like a simple exercise until you focus on the movement. I did that again – used “exercise” and “movement” separately. Why?
An exercise is just that – an exercise. It has no real purpose or translation to real life. A movement is all about real life activity. Because we never do an exercise in isolation of any other exercise, there’s no reason to focus on exercises. However, daily life requires us to move our bodies in different directions at the same time, thus we are moving. Movements affect real life activities. In this program, we are focusing on being intentional in our movements rather than getting through the exercises. What does this mean for your workouts?
You will focus on the physical movements you are doing while you think about why you are doing them. This will slow your movements down so you can be more intentional about what the goal is. If we tell you to focus more on a specific part of the movement then slow down, think about it, and then do it. Don’t rush the movement just to get done. Perform the movement properly, to your level, with intense control, and you will get the most out of any movement.

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