Last session someone in class came to the realization that everything is a plank! When you think about it – everything IS a plank. Rather, some version of a plank! When we do the plank in class I am picky about your form because the basic foundation needs to be solid in order to transfer that strength to other exercises. I’m not asking you to be able to learn how to hold a plank on your elbows for 5 minutes. I am asking you to learn how to engage your core while you are moving your body. Let me explain . . .
plank anatomy
Walking. Walking is basically a moving plank. Your shoulders are rotated externally, your body should be upright and one leg moves in front of the other while you engage your core to stay upright. If you slack in your core, you will round forward and then internally rotate your shoulders. Properly done, walking is a dynamic plank.
Squatting. Front loading the sandbag is your start position for a squatting plank. When you are coming up from the squat position, you are hitting the standing plank. Even with no weights, the top phase of a squat is a plank.
Mountain climbers, squat thrusts, push ups, Row, etc. All of these revert back to the basic plank position. You are just positioning your body differently than when you are face down on the floor. A plank always requires tight glutes, externally rotated shoulders, and activation of all your muscles. Without a doubt, this IS a whole body exercise! I will remind you in class when you’re doing a plank. In the mean time, check out this video!

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