Before I left Boston in 2009, a client gave me a book called Omnivore’s Dilemma byMichael Pollan. It was an absolutely amazing read!! Since we were opening the Pizza Barn, it was perfectly timed! Michael Pollan is MY food guru about revolutionizing how we think about food, what it is and where it comes from. Earlier this year he did a PBS documentary, In Defense of Food. This was his version of his “eater’s manifesto” that lays out the connections between diet and health and takes head-on our detrimental obsession with nutritionism. You can find find the documentary info HERE. Below are Michael Pollan’s six tips to eating clean.

  1. Keep it real.
  2. Just because GMOs are deemed safe doesn’t mean that they’re good for us.od-3
  3. It’s okay to eat some meat.
  4. Don’t fall for nutritionism (AKA food marketing lingo that sounds like science).
  5. The food movement needs to become a political movement.
  6. But ultimately, the secret to healthy eating might just be in your kitchen.

These are simple tips that require an active change of lifestyle for some. For others, maybe more diligence in choosing the foods we eat. Either way, you are in total control of what you choose to put in your mouth. Make it a healthy choice. 🙂


CLICK HERE to read his full article.

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