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The F-word

Got your attention? LOL! The F-word! In the studio, the F-word is “foam rolling”. HaHa, had you wondering didn’t I? Foam is a nasty 4-letter word if your muscles are tight or you have pain. You might even let out some other 4-letter words while you are foam rolling if you are tight! Foam rolling […]


This week I’m going to talk about the deadlift exercise. It’s the most functional exercise you will ever do. It’s a great whole body strength builder, when done properly. When done improperly, it’ll kill your back and make you want to cry! If you ever feel that way during a deadlift, you need to stop […]


Often you will hear me say “tighten your core” or “tuck your butt under”.  That’s my version of BRACING. It all means the same thing: aligning your spine and the rest of your body so that you can create a strong foundation from which to move. Below are step by step instructions on how to […]


Last session someone in class came to the realization that everything is a plank! When you think about it – everything IS a plank. Rather, some version of a plank! When we do the plank in class I am picky about your form because the basic foundation needs to be solid in order to transfer […]


This is an exercise you will see REGULARLY in any of my classes. The infamous BURPEE is an amazing whole-body exercise! This is why we do it so often! At first you may think it’s pointless, but if you really think about it – you are using every muscle in your body to get down on […]

How to create your own circuit

While you’re in an exercise class, the instructor usually does all the thinking for you.  Well, most of it anyway.  You DO have to think while you’re doing the exercises, but the programs are already made for you. You can just come and work your butt off and enjoy the class! However, if you want to/need to […]

12 Minute Circuit

This is a whole-body circuit that you can do in your home, with no equipment.  All you need is a way to time yourself (clock, timer, etc.) and your body.  This video will show you how to do four different exercises, like a tutorial. After that, it’s all up to you to do it! You […]