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Last month, Hudson Valley magazine voted 30 Minutes of Everything “Best Overall Workout” in the Hudson Valley! This is a huge honor and I am so grateful! If you’ve not experienced a 30 Minutes of Everything workout, please check out the schedule for our drop in classes on Saturdays! We’d love for you to experience […]


You haven’t seen your friend in a while and you notice that he/she looks different. Your friend lost weight! What do you say? “You look great” can be taken as “you didn’t look so hot before” or “wow, this is the exact response I was looking for!”. Maybe someone’s weight loss is because they are […]


You betcha! Your exercise intensity will determine your training results and how many calories you burn during and AFTER your workout! How does this happen?   EPOC = Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption What is this?  EPOC is the process of restoring the body to baseline levels after you’re done exercise. This can be reflected by the number […]


Before I left Boston in 2009, a client gave me a book called Omnivore’s Dilemma byMichael Pollan. It was an absolutely amazing read!! Since we were opening the Pizza Barn, it was perfectly timed! Michael Pollan is MY food guru about revolutionizing how we think about food, what it is and where it comes from. Earlier this […]

Holiday Survival Guide

  Here are some guidelines to get you through the holidays unscathed by the endless array of treats: Bring healthy food to a holiday party. Regardless of what else is there, you know your food will be “safe”. When tempted by a lot of yummies, go to the FOOD table first and eat real food. […]


Having trouble zipping up your pants or know someone who is? Or, finding that for some reason you are tending to carry more weight in your belly than you used to? While a wider waistline is more typical of “aging”, it doesn’t have to be! Typically (but you’re not typical!), activity level decreases with an increase in […]

Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

You already know that gorging on sweets isn’t a good idea, but no one says you CAN’T eat them, you just can’t eat A LOT of them! Moderation is the key! We need to remember this around the holidays. It’s too easy (speaking from experience!) to binge around the holidays, pack on a few pounds, […]

MEAL PLANNING: Saves you time and calories

Successful, balanced, healthy living includes meal planning.  Not to lock you into a regimented schedule of eating like a drill instructor, but to make sure that your body is getting all the nutrients it needs. If you plan what you’re going to eat ahead of time then you’re less likely to snack on poor quality, […]

Do you REALLY eat healthy?

There’s more to your diet than just eating “healthy”. That’s a tricky statement though, isn’t it? In reality, there are so many dimensions to eating healthy that most of the time mainstream nutritional advice focuses on eating more fruits and vegetables, less sugar, etc. That’s a good place to start and it’s basic information, but […]