Benefits of the Get up. The what? The Get up!

A few of my class got to experience the baby get-up in the past few weeks. It sounds easy right? “Baby get-up”. If you did it, you know it wasn’t easy. The baby get-up isolates your oblique muscles. They are the muscles responsible for rotating the body and preventing rotation of the body, which is equally important. The baby get-up is the pre-cursor to the get-up exercise and the Ultimate Sandbag leg threading exercise. Remember that one? The get-up works your entire body and specifically your core! Your core includes several muscles beyond your 6-pack abs, way more muscles that are superiorly important to function! Check out these core muscles!
You’ve heard me say the word “cross patterning” or “cross body”, especially when we are working with an uneven load (Sandbag/Kettlebell on one shoulder). This picture gives you a visual of what I’ve been talking about. Cross patterning is how our body works. It is how we stay upright and stable. It’s not just about the 6-pack abs, it’s about doing life and not falling over! According to Dr. Mercola, “In addition to building strength, Get-ups increase your overall body stability, awareness, balance, and coordination.” They also have the following benefits:
  • Promotes upper body stability
  • Stimulates the proprioception system, which contributes to balance
  • Promotes cross lateralization (getting right brain to work with left side)
  • Hip and leg mobility and active flexibility
  • Closed and open chain shoulder stability
  • Stability in two different leg patterns – lunge stance and squat stance
  • Single leg hip stability during the initial roll to press and during the bridge
  • Develops upper body strength, trunks strength, and hip strength
Who knew you could do so much from the get up exercise? Maybe we should practice them more? 🙂

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